Remote Projects Available for Virtual Engagement

Work on a project from anywhere this semester and continue building on your experiences and career skills! Distance learning should not limit your ability to engage with new ideas and skillsets. Explore ELN's remote projects to digitally connect to a wide range of topics and places: from Buffalo to Tanzania to Japan!

Remote Projects

This project will work to understand the structure and function of enzymes that are used by bacteria to make novel antibiotics and other bioactive molecules.
Assist UB's global partners in finding quality, free or low-cost information and data by becoming information search experts.
Seeking students to work with Prof Surajit Sen on fundamental and applied problems in nonlinear and statistical physics, study of conflicts and battles, social systems and other topics to be crafted based on overlap of interest.

The Latest Story

Adam works remotely from home.

"In the time of social distancing, I think it's important that we keep working on the projects that matter. Especially under quarantine, it's nice to know that I'm making a difference, no matter how small it may be." -Adam Dounane