Long road in Tanzania, with cars and motorcycles.

Why list projects on the Project Portal?

UB undergraduates are seeking opportunities to apply their learning and make meaningful contributions while supporting their academic and career goals.  Great projects can come from anywhere. Many faculty invite students into ongoing research, involving them in hands-on activities and projects. Other faculty challenge students to pursue independent research, exploring emerging technologies, challenges, and ideas, while supporting their efforts through ongoing discussions and check-ins. And still others utilize our external partnerships with education organizations and platforms, working with students to translate research and innovation into digital content and broader impacts. The possibilities for engaging with the Project Portal are endless. Please browse through our current project postings or contact ELN Director Mara Huber to discuss your particular ideas or needs.

  • 7/6/21
    The Project Portal is a robust platform for mentored projects, intentionally designed with compelling benefits for faculty and the university at large.
  • 9/7/21
    The Project Portal is powered by faculty, staff and community partners who mentor our undergraduate students as they explore exciting ideas, challenges, and places through meaningful hands-on projects.