Faculty Resources for Experiential Learning

Since launching the Project Portal in 2019, the Experiential Learning Network has engaged over 1,000 UB undergraduate students in mentored projects and digital badges—over 700 students last year alone. In addition to meeting the needs of students, we strive to support our faculty partners through the following resources and offerings. The ELN team invites you to discuss your ideas for collaboration related to mentored research and community projects!

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List a Project

Project Portal: Explore your interests. Find your passion. Build your career.

The Project Portal is powered by faculty, staff and community partners who mentor undergraduate students as they explore exciting ideas, challenges, and places through meaningful hands-on projects. 

You can recruit undergraduate students to collaborate on your research and creative projects by listing a project on the Project Portal. To list a project, click the button below and complete the form. A member of the ELN team will review your submission, reach out to discuss and gather additional information if necessary, then publish and market your opportunity to students.

Enhance Courses and Programs

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The ELN's engagement process and digital badges can be integrated within courses of varying focus and structure. Your students can engage in existing projects or we can help you design new projects to meet the specific goals and constraints of your class. The ELN team can share sample syllabi or provide direct support in modifying your existing syllabus to accommodate our badges.

Learn About Funding

Funding is available to support undergraduate students working on a mentored project or presenting at a conference. Project funding helps students take their experiential learning to the next level with support to achieve the goals of their mentored projects! Project funding can be used for materials and supplies needed to accomplish the project goals. Conference funding is available to support students who want to share the exciting results and impacts of their mentored projects by presenting at conferences. 

Collaborate on Grants

The ELN Project Portal and digital badge series can enhance grant applications by addressing broader impacts and providing compelling data related to learner growth and outcomes. Grants can also support build-out of specific project areas and associated research. Please contact us with interest in exploring external funding opportunities.