List a Project

Students working on a project with Prof. Omar Khan.

The Project Portal is powered by faculty and community partners who mentor our undergraduate students as they explore exciting ideas, challenges, and places through meaningful hands-on projects. 

Project Proposal Form

To list a project, simply complete and submit the form below. A member of the ELN team will review your submission, reach out to discuss and gather additional information if necessary, share a draft for your review, and then publish your opportunity.

Project Profile Information

Below are the key sections that students will see when exploring individual project profiles. For each section, we have included explanatory details and guidance for listing your project. 

Project description

Students get most excited about project profiles that frame specific activities within a larger context. In your project description, consider sharing how students' efforts will contribute to broader impacts. 

Project outcomes

To be included, projects must result in a tangible outcome/product. This may include posters, recommendations, marketing materials, performances, analyses, or virtually anything that adds value to the project and student learning experience. 

Project details

This section is designed to help students determine if the project is the right fit, based on specified details. You can share criteria related to length of commitment, eligibility requirements or other benefits, such as academic credit or compensation through work study or stipend. You also have the option of leaving these details open, to be clarified in consultation with individual students.

Preparation activities

This is an important component of the model. We want students to come prepared to begin their projects, having done the necessary legwork and any required context setting. Please note that students will be required to complete the indicated preparation (what you submit in this section of the form) before they can begin their project or apply for funding. 

It is up to you to formulate the required preparation for your project. Activities may be as general or specific as is appropriate, and may include:

  • meeting with a Subject Librarian to write an annotated bibliography or literature review
  • reading seminal articles or books
  • watching relevant videos
  • attending workshops or orientations (i.e., lab safety, cultural competency training, etc.)
  • familiarizing themselves with local communities or neighborhoods
  • attending specific performances or seminars
  • other activities relevant to your project

You may also choose to leave this section open, in which case students will be directed to meet with you in consultation about required preparation for their project.