Students riding in the back of a safari vehicle with no windows. They are facing backward and looking at the camera.

Find your edge through mentored projects.

Mentored projects are an exciting way to support your unique learning and career goals while making important contributions to the world around you. The ELN team is here to help you navigate opportunities, support your projects, and leverage your engagement toward broader impacts.

Learn how to incorporate experiential learning into your college experience. Stop by 24 Capen to get started or email to set up a meeting time to fit your schedule!

  • 9/3/19
    Explore the Project Portal: Your connection to research and mentored projects.
  • 7/26/21
    ELN's digital badges will help you build skills for your career while engaging in your mentored project.
  • 9/9/21
    This 1-hour workshop is designed to help you assess your current skills and areas for growth, explore potential projects and get started on your project journey.