ELN Digital Badges

ELN's digital badges will help you build skills for your career while engaging in your mentored project.

You will work through a series of activities at your own pace to activate the full potential of experiential learning.

Badges You Can Earn

While engaging in a mentored project from the Project Portal, you will work through a series of independent activities to earn one of the following digital badges. Select the badge that most closely aligns with your project focus and complete all four project phases listed below to earn your digital badge and display your achievement.

community engagement digital badge icon.
creative work digital badge icon.
global collaboration digital badge icon.
innovation digital badge icon.
mentored research digital badge icon.

Project Phases

To earn a digital badge, you will complete a series of activities, which are divided into four phases. You will work at your own pace, and once you complete all of the activities you will be awarded the digital badge, which you can share on your digital resume or LinkedIn to demonstrate your skills and accomplishments to future employers. Note: To get started, find a project and follow the steps in the project profile.

preparation phase icon.

Preparation Phase


  • Set goals and intentions.
  • Gain important context and understanding of the topic.
engagement phase icon.

Engagement Phase

Engage + Add Value

  • Gather feedback from your mentor and partners.
  • Produce a tangible product or output from the experience.
reflection phase icon.

Reflection Phase


  • Critically reflect on your experience through various lenses.
  • Evaluate the growth of your skills and competencies.
  • Weave your experience and growth into a narrative employers will value.
mentored research digital badge icon.

Achievement Phase


  • Build a plan to leverage your project experience to achieve your future goals.
  • Enhance your resume by translating your experience and skills.
  • Articulate growth and development through storytelling.
What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a new type of credential that allows you to show the specific skills you've gained through learning experiences. It's a clickable icon that can digitally display your work and accomplishments to key audiences, like future employers or graduate schools, when embedded on your digital resume, ePortoflio or LinkedIn.

Learn more about micro-credentials and digital badges from UB's Office of Micro-Credentials.