About Micro-Credentials

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A micro-credential is a small program that allows you to gain relevant skills that are needed in today's workforce. Digital badges are achievements that you can show to the world.


Micro-credentials take less time to earn than a degree.

At never more than 11 credits, micro-credentials are smaller than a degree or advanced certificate, and can be earned in as little as one semester.

You choose what you learn.

Micro-credentials give you the freedom to learn what you want, without the financial and time commitments of a degree. You can earn a micro-credential in your own field of study, like a "mini concentration" or you may earn a micro-credential in a field of study outside your major, like a "mini-minor". 

Earn stackable skills that differentiate you, academically and professionally.

Each badge earned through your micro-credential contains your final evidence or project of completion, making that badge unique to you. You can even complete multiple micro-credentials to strengthen a skill-set or complement your degree.

You choose what you earn.

Micro-credentials can be credit-bearing or not-for-credit. Students who complete a credit-bearing micro-credential program will receive a notation on their academic transcript as well as a digital badge. Students who complete a non-credit program will receive a digital badge. Non-credit opportunities are just as valuable, allow you to diversify your experience and may be easier to fit into your schedule!

Gain skills to keep you at the leading edge of your discipline.

UB's micro-credentials are aligned with the competencies of 21st century workforce, including critical thinking, professionalism, intercultural fluency, digital technology and more. These programs are specifically designed to better equip you with the skills that employers demand.

Typically no additional costs.

There are no costs to enroll in micro-credentials, beyond regular tuition rates.

Aligning Your Micro-Credential Skills with Industry Needs

The Career Design Center gives you new ways to think about designing your next steps, getting the answers you need—and the opportunities you deserve. In addition, find real life employment data from across the country to help inform your career decision-making on the Career Design Studio Job Market Stats page.

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