Graduate School Preparation

Support for your next step.

If you’re preparing to apply to graduate or professional school, know that CSTEP is your source of support. We will help you during all phases of the application process: as you write and edit your personal statement, secure letters of recommendation and submit your applications. Here are some of the key ways in which we support our students.

Application Fee Waiver

We want our students to have the confidence to apply to multiple graduate schools without the burden of cost. Fee waivers play a vital role in increasing diversity and competitiveness of applicant pools. CSTEP offers application fee waivers for some graduate school programs. For more information, please visit the CSTEP office.

Note: For students interested in applying for graduate programs at UB, visit the Graduate School’s Admissions website for more information on the fee waiver process.

Workshops & Panels

CSTEP hosts workshops, panels and research luncheons to help you navigate the graduate and professional school admissions process. Previous sections have focused on letters of recommendation, how to research and choose graduate schools, various admissions topics, writing personal statements and identifying funding opportunities. Panels have included graduate students who provide insight into the graduate school experience.