Three UB students in scrubs sit outside with a laptop.

Here is how you start your journey.

Graduate admissions at the University at Buffalo is decentralized, meaning that each department or school has its own admissions requirements, in addition to UB's general admissions requirements. Admissions-related questions, or questions about your application should be directed to your department or school. You can find your school's contact information below.

College of Arts and Sciences

Two hands holding a clear crystal and a blue pen.

Phone: 716-645-1391

Graduate School of Education

Teacher and students sit around a circular mat with the alphabet on it.

Phone: 716-645-2110

Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Two hands holding a tray of flourescent blue findings from the microbiology immunology lab.

Roswell Park Graduate Division

A gloved hand holding colorful samples from the cancer prevention and control lab at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Phone: 716-845-2339

School of Architecture and Planning

Wooden construct with multiple students sitting on it, outside on a sunny day.

Phone: 716-829-5900

School of Dental Medicine

Student with gloved hands, lab coat and scrubs, using dental insturments on a dummy mouth.

Phone: 716-829-2839

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Gloved hands support black and red wires in the chemical and biological engineering lab.

Phone: 716-645-9099

School of Law

Brightly lig, but empty Erie County Ceremonial Courtroom.

Phone: 716-645-2907

School of Management

Program booklet for the UB BLAST Innovation Bootcamp.

Phone: 716-645-3204

School of Nursing

Hospital vitals monitor.

Phone: 716-829-2537

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Two hands counting and sorting round white tablets.

Phone: 716-645-2823

School of Public Health and Health Professions

Student rides a bike in a chamber with several devices measuring her body and output.

Phone: 716-829-5000

School of Social Work

Leader and participants sit on the floor of a gym during a Girls Sports Foundation activity.

Phone: 716-645-1254

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