Faculty Partners

Faculty are an essential piece to what CSTEP does with our students and help us to meet program goals, from serving as research mentors in our summer research program and academic year internship, to collaborating on workshops and serving as judges for our annual research symposium.

An effective tool in increasing the persistence of underrepresented students in STEM fields and the licensed professions is to provide them with opportunities to conduct faculty mentored research early in their undergraduate careers. Our research interns broaden their knowledge and gain insight into critical issues while developing analytic and problem solving skills. Research experiences with faculty also allow interns to gain a better perspective of research and its role in society.

CSTEP provides the funding, support and infrastructure for students to be successful. However, the time, expertise and assistance provided by our faculty partners, who serve as research mentors during our summer and academic research program, workshop facilitators and judges during our Annual Research Symposium, is integral towards expanding the capacity and footprint of CSTEP.

We value the contributions of our faculty partners and we look forward to new collaborations with faculty.

Serve as a Research Mentor and/or Workshop Facilitator/Presenter. Complete this form HERE