Access to College Excellence

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The three pillars monument at Baird Point on University at Buffalo's North Campus.

Access to College Excellence (ACE) is a support services program designed to aid in students’ transition from high school to college and during their first two years of study at UB. Here, students receive academic and holistic support that helps them maximize their potential and succeed in college and beyond.

Through targeted academic resources and specialized support services, students have access to the excellence found throughout UB’s world-class academic environment.

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Connecting student success campus-wide.

Here is how we help you succeed.

As an ACE student, you have access to the kind of resources that will help you maximize your academic and personal growth during your freshman and sophomore years. Whether you’re working closely with your ACE advisor to make sure you’re meeting your goals or making the most of your experience through workshops and other activities, our services offer ongoing support and guidance that is critical to your success.

Free tutoring.

Visit Tutoring and Academic Support Services for individual and small-group tutoring in all disciplines.

Individualized academic advisement.

Your personal advisor will guide you through your first two years at UB, making sure that your studies align with your unique talent and goals. Working closely with your advisor, you’ll explore UB’s academic opportunities, receive guidance for course selection and registration, learn about ways to get involved on campus and get help with understanding how to navigate UB.

Additionally, ACE students have access to:

  • Assistance with successful entry into a major.
  • Personal and career guidance.
  • Academic enrichment workshops.
  • Academic coaching.
  • A Freshman Experience seminar.
  • Skills development, including study and test-taking strategies, time management and more.