CSTEP Connect

CSTEP Connect matches students with CSTEP alumni who have volunteered to serve as a one-time connection to provide insight regarding their current professions and career paths.

In January, during UB's winter session, CSTEP students can connect with CSTEP alumni who have committed their support in the following areas: career advice, job shadowing and help with applying to graduate or professional school. While this can be a one-time opportunity to connect, many students and alumni choose to stay in touch after CSTEP Connect concludes.

Who can participate?

Current CSTEP students and CSTEP alumni of all majors and professions are invited to participate.

How will the connection take place?

Because CSTEP Connect can be virtual, there are no geographical limits with whom you can connect. Connections can take place in-person, by video conference or phone. 

When is CSTEP Connect?

Connections can occur any day during UB’s winter session, the last two weeks of January. Our application deadline is in early December.

How will CSTEP Connect benefit me?

Connecting and networking with a professional in your field of interest is a great opportunity to gain a different perspective on your major, career path and professional expectations. You will get to ask questions and solidify your career interests. Current CSTEP students should join this group to network with alumni and each other in our supportive space. 


For more information about applying for CSTEP Connect, please contact:

Shanna Crump-Owens
Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program  (CSTEP) 
University at Buffalo
222 Norton Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260