Resources for Diverse Stock Images and Illustrations

Explore a wide range of photo galleries below to carefully select the right photo for your next project. 


Find culturally diverse stock photos that represent the true world we live in. 

Cost: Various plan rates. (inexpensive)

iStock | Diversity

Discover inclusive images and videos that shine a light on underrepresented communities.

Cost: Various plan rates. (inexpensive)

Getty | Project #ShowUs

Stock photography devoted to female-identifying and non-binary individuals.

Cost: Priced per image (expensive)

Create HER Stock

Your destination for authentic stock images featuring melanated women.

Cost: Various plan rates. (inexpensive)


Beautiful photos of Black and Brown people, for free. 

Cost: Free

Women of Color in Tech

Site devoted to encouraging the new generation of CS or STEM majors of color. 

Cost: Free with attribution

Illustration with diverse characteristics

These websites offer illustrations of people that feature more diverse characteristics:

More Resources

For many more options check out this spreadsheet developed by Jeda Pearl Creative (requires permission to access).