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  • Southtown Audio Video
    SAV has been enhancing quality of life in the places you work, live and play since 1984. We specialize in video conference system, training spaces, event centers, acoustics, conference rooms and more.
  • Young Scholars of Central PA Charter School
    Charter School serving grades K-8 for about 400 students.
  • Primo Lighting and Sound
    Primo Lighting and Sound is a full-service DJ/entertainment company based in East Amherst, New York. The company was established in 2019 and serves all of Western New York. Our services include DJs, MCs, Sound, Lighting, Photobooths, Projections, Special Effects, and more.
  • The Dance Collective
    The Dance Collective is a local dance studio that emphasizes a safe and educational based dance training for all ages. We have classes ages 18months through adult.
  • Landmark Wealth Management
    Landmark Wealth Management provides comprehensive wealth management, including investment consulting, financial planning, tax and estate planning to high-net-worth individuals, institutions and charitable organizations.
  • Calspan
    Calspan is the premier independent provider of testing, technology development services and systems in the aerospace, defense and automotive industries.
  • Note Advisors, LLC
    Note Advisors is a fee-only consulting and wealth management firm that provides business consulting, financial planning, investment advisory and 401k advisory services.
  • Trusted Nurse Staffing
    Trusted Nurse Staffing provides healthcare professionals on a temporary basis to medical facilities across the country.
  • Powerful Youth
    Powerful Youth provides transformative international leadership programs for youth, helping teens gain the confidence, leadership skills, and global perspective they need to lead change within themselves and their community.
  • The Yarn Artisan Store
    I design and create unique macrame and copper wire jewelry and crochet and macrame home decor and accessories.
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