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  • Sick Performance Concepts, LLC
    Fractional CMO – Marketing Consultant. Offers clients a mix of services including strategic counsel, project management, mentoring, coaching, digital marketing and E-Commerce. Guides development and execution of competitive strategies that are effective at increasing revenue and market share. A part time, virtual CMO serving clients globally.
  • Shardana Sailing Charters Incorporated
    Shardana Sailing Charters offers private and custom sailing charters with a USCG Licensed Captain.
  • Rusty Nickel Brewing Co.
    NYS Farm Brewery that specializes in craft beer made from locally grown and sourced ingredients.
  • Aleron
    Aleron is a global workforce and business solutions company that builds relationships and empowers the workplace.
  • RLComputing
    We develop custom web designs and marketing materials, along with providing IT support to small businesses.
  • Dr. Daniel C. Minocchi, DC, PC
    Chiropractic, Sports Injuries, and Soft Tissue Management and Treatment
  • Pro Training Basketball
    Pro Training Basketball is a basketball training facility located in North Tonawanda. Our main focus is basketball training but we do offer strength and conditioning as well for all sports.
  • Vania & David
    Vania & David is a luxury line of Jewelry, Handbags, Clothing, & Soy Candles. Founded in 2001 and proud to grace the pages of fashion magazines, movie screens, New York Fashion Week runways, & at our shoppe in the heart of the Elmwood Village in Buffalo.
  • Resolution Medical, LLC
    Resolution Medical provides device design, prototyping, regulatory support, system development, and commercial-scale manufacturing services to many of the world’s leading medical device start-ups and multinational OEMs.
  • Southtown Audio Video
    SAV has been enhancing quality of life in the places you work, live and play since 1984. We specialize in video conference system, training spaces, event centers, acoustics, conference rooms and more.
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