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  • Hammill Asia (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
    Provides engineering solution for aluminum can making industry, food & beverage as well as printing & packaging.
  • Nieser Stamps and Coins
    Buying and selling the postage stamps of Latin America for collectors.
  • Four Winds Network Services
    Four Winds Network Services is an IT managed service provider specializing in cyber security, data backups, network monitoring, and other computer services.
  • bizWin Strategies
    We partner with HR and line management to identify, qualify, recruit, and select top-tier talent and build high performance teams that relentlessly drive towards corporate business goals.
  • Doc Deana Enterprises LLC
    Doc Deana Enterprises LLC (AKA: The DDE Agency) is an educational and business consulting agency.
  • RowleyGrace Content Marketing
    RowleyGrace is a purpose-driven business that acts as a trusted partner to business owners and marketing professionals, empowering them with the core skills of content marketing, email marketing, and CRM optimization.
  • Parkside Prints
    Boutique graphic design and print studio, focused on small-business branding for creatives, art prints, and letterpress printing.
  • Divine Designs by Dani
    Divine Designs by Dani is a local small business created during the first pandemic shutdown that donates a portion of their profits to charity.
  • Team Real Talk, Inc.
    Team Real Talk, Inc. is an ed-tech startup co-founded in June 2020 [incorporated in November] that is building an online social learning platform to be implemented into the college curriculum to promote diversity, equity and inclusion discussions while preparing students for the professional work environment.
  • Kiper Moving and Transportation LLC
    Kiper Moving and Transportation LLC is a small business performing logistics, moving, and transportation services.
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