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  • Crossroads Investigations
    Crossroads Investigations is a nation-wide full-service private investigation and due diligence agency. They offer surveillance, asset and bank searches, background reports, locates, employee and tenant screening, and advanced due diligence.
  • Pine Pharmaceuticals
    Pine Pharmaceuticals is an FDA-registered Outsourcing Facility. The firm provides sterile and non-sterile compounded and repackaged drugs to hospitals, surgery centers, and medical practices.
    S+ ARCHITECTURE is an award-winning architecture and urban design firm that provides a platform for design research for a wide array of projects ranging from urban to object scale and spanning a great geographic reach.
  • Electo Analytics
    Electo Analytics is a public affairs software company designed to empower policy teams of all sizes to work faster and reach higher.
  • Little Red's Cookie Co. LLC
    Custom cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and all your dessert needs!
    START WITH SLEEP, LLC is an organization that serves as a community resource for sleep health advocacy by providing global sleep programming for hospitals, schools and corporate wellness initiatives.
  • Momentum - The Business Growth Agency
    Providing public affairs, marketing, public relations and digital media consulting for clients in Western New York and Southern Ontario.
  • Burn Boot Camp Williamsville
    We are a trainer-led, HIIT-style, boot camp for all fitness levels and ages! We strive to inspire, encourage, and transform the lives of women and their families.
  • Pink Buffalo Consulting LLC
    Pink Buffalo Consulting provides legal services ranging from drafting and review of standard B2B/B2C services agreements, employment contracts, and other contractual documents. Whether you are looking for a standard website privacy policy or need to include clauses that are specific to your business or needs, we ensure you are protecting your brand, intellectual property, and reputation. Charging lower rates compared to traditional firms, Pink Buffalo Consulting will the quality and speed you need.
  • Altamura Architectural Consulting
    Commercial architecture firm specializing in corporate, retail, medical, hospitality, industrial, and education.
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