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  • Change Create Transform LLC and Foundation
    Our Expert Platform leverages intellectual capital to help businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals succeed and grow through consulting, strategic planning, and leadership development.
  • Lalone Counseling Services
    Lalone Counseling Services was established in 2009 and can provide outpatient mental health counseling services online or in person.
  • OnCore Golf Technology Inc.
    OnCore Golf Technology is one of the most disruptive companies in the golf industry in the past decade offering the highest performing golf balls, artificial-intelligence based golf instruction apps, and novel golf entertainment experiences.
  • Your Amazing Journey
    Your Amazing Journey is a comprehensive coaching program that integrates expertise from the fields of counseling, social work, and coaching. The mission: Empowering professionals who encounter career burnout and change to powerfully pursue their passion and purpose!
  • Glauber Equipment
    Wholesale distribution of pumps and blowers. Custom designed compression and pumping skids for the renewable energy market.
  • Falcon Physical Therapy
    Outpatient physical therapy specializing in treatment for low back pain, neck pain, general pain, balance issues, dizziness/vertigo and more.
  • Maxwell Leadership Group
    Maxwell Leadership Group is a business consulting practice focused on business strategy and leadership development.
  • Fiegel, Carr & Joyce Law Firm
    U.S. and Canadian immigration lawyers focusing on cross border business and family immigration.
  • Bison Scaffold & Masons Supply Corp
    Rental and sale of scaffold and construction access. Also, forming and equipment.
  • Properly Works
    Properly Works represents a collective of experts assembled to help repair and advance manufacturing operations through technological advantages.
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