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  • Capstone Engineering, PLLC
    Civil & Structural Engineers in Buffalo, NY with expertise in structural design, existing structure rehabilitation, rail design, and civil grading.
  • Properly Works
    Properly Works represents a collective of experts assembled to help repair and advance manufacturing operations through technological advantages.
  • Bison Scaffold & Masons Supply Corp
    Rental and sale of scaffold and construction access. Also, forming and equipment.
    AMBITIONX creates strategy that wins.
  • Nurture Marketing, LLC
    Nurture Marketing is a New Jersey and New York based marketing agency. We provide marketing products and services for our technology industry clients that sell through a channel and their channel partners.
  • Phoenix Innovation Group, LLC
    A disabled-veteran led creativity and innovation consulting firm that specializes in boosting economic activity in deprived areas of small business, leadership development, and community engagement.
  • Mother Earth Literacies, LLC
    At Mother Earth Literacies, LLC, we specialize in curriculum auditing, mapping & development, climate and culture assessments for schools and the workplace, and building inclusive and sustainable environments.
  • The Coppola Firm
    The Coppola Firm is a woman-owned law firm in Western New York that provides legal services throughout New York State.
  • Lemur Studios
    Lemur Studios creates the videos you need sell your products or services.
  • MTL Contracting Buffalo LLC
    MTL Contracting specializes in high quality residential and light commercial building and remodeling.
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