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  • Greek University
    We are changing behaviors in the long term and creating safer campuses by leveraging the leadership in fraternities, sororities, and athletics.
  • Dalek Roofing
    Residential and light commercial roofing contractor.
  • Law You Should Know Radio Show and Podcast
    Unique radio show and podcast with useful Information about law, business and Covid related topics.
  • Digital Peak
    *Business Automation *B2B Marketing *B2B Selling *Integrated Marketing *Funnel Creation *Marketing Strategy
  • Leda Health
    Leda Health provides critical aftercare for survivors of sexual assault both in the short term and long term.
  • Your Amazing Journey
    Your Amazing Journey is a comprehensive coaching program that integrates expertise from the fields of counseling, social work, and coaching. The mission: Empowering professionals who encounter career burnout and change to powerfully pursue their passion and purpose!
  • LocalFi: SEO Digital Marketing Agency
    LocalFi: SEO Digital Marketing Agency specializes in optimizing your online presence and our success strategy earns our clients top ranking on Google Maps and over 60+ local listing sites that Google says are most important.
  • Love For Words
    Love for Words is a book editing boutique. You write, we edit.
  • Burn Boot Camp Williamsville
    We are a trainer-led, HIIT-style, boot camp for all fitness levels and ages! We strive to inspire, encourage, and transform the lives of women and their families.
  • Pink Buffalo Consulting LLC
    Pink Buffalo Consulting provides legal services ranging from drafting and review of standard B2B/B2C services agreements, employment contracts, and other contractual documents. Whether you are looking for a standard website privacy policy or need to include clauses that are specific to your business or needs, we ensure you are protecting your brand, intellectual property, and reputation. Charging lower rates compared to traditional firms, Pink Buffalo Consulting will the quality and speed you need.
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