Laser Safety Training

Personnel who use Class 3b and 4 laser systems are required to take initial laser safety training.

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Learning Outcomes

This training will discuss the hazards that one may encounter when working with lasers in a laboratory setting, why any laser user must be trained and what organizations regulate laser use. Also discussed:

  • A description of the lasers, their components, characterizations, and modes of lasers used throughout the University at Buffalo
  • The potential hazards associated with different classification of lasers and safety precautions that should be observed.
  • The possible results of an exposure to either the human eye or human skin directly from a laser beam, as well as the possible hazards a laser can create in the lab.
  • Appropriate safety equipment that should be using when working with lasers.

Intended Audience

All lab workers including but not limited to:

  • Research Assistants
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Post docs
  • Visiting post docs 
  • Undergraduate Students





Take the Training

Download the presentation called "Initial Laser Safety Training". At the end of the presentation, you will be directed to a page to complete a certification form. Call us at 829-3281 if you have problems with the presentation.


Contact For Questions

head shot of Brian Frazer Assoc. Radiation Safety Specialist.

Brian Frazer

Assoc. Radiation Safety Specialist

Environment, Health & Safety

Phone: 716-829-5823