Key Messaging

Reaching Others is key to the communications objectives that UB needs in order to manage and grow its reputation. Those objectives are developing clear, consistent messaging, delivering that messaging in coherent and compelling ways, and delivering the messaging to audiences that are key to helping the University at Buffalo achieve the potential embodied in the UB 2020 strategic plan.

UB’s distinguishing factors

The factors that make UB distinctive and coalesce in Reaching Others, making it a powerful brand, are:

  • Research creativity, discovery, and creation of new knowledge
  • Making a difference for students, communities locally and globally
  • Resilience, optimism
  • Big, diverse and international, yet with a sense of community and kinship
  • Academic excellence is valued and actively pursued
  • A history, culture and identity intertwined with Buffalo and Western New York

Other resources

Reaching Others Online

A Web site that highlights how UB reaches others.