UB’s Message Map

This is the messaging map for the university as a whole. The themes featured below are reflected in all departments and schools across the institution.

UB's Message Map.

Each unit has a map specific to it, based on the university-wide map.

Unit and division-specific maps were developed through the following steps:
  1. Filling in the attributes.
  2. Matching up each attribute with a benefit.
  3. Filling in the supporting points for each attribute and benefit.
  • Ideally, attributes and benefits match up one for one, but it’s not mandatory.
  • It’s possible to have multiple supporting points for a single attribute or benefit.

We've also expanded on the appropriate elements of the master brand to craft a full communications guide and evolved message map specifically for our graduate and professional programs. 

UB Message Map with fill in the blank supporting points.

Download the PDF and map your unit’s attributes and benefits.

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