About the Brand Platform

Helping you reach others

This section of the Communications Toolbox includes information on incorporating components of Reaching Others, the official brand of the University at Buffalo, into your communications. You will find helpful information about key messaging, standards for using the brand, graphics to use in your communications and templates for creating posters, ads, brochures, online graphics and presentations.

Designed to increase public awareness about the university, Reaching Others showcases the excellence of UB’s people and programs. A stronger public image can help us recruit students and faculty, enhance alumni pride and generate support from the community, government officials and donors. We also hope it will build the pride and morale of those who work and study here.

Positioning statement

"We, the University at Buffalo, make a difference in everything we do.

"This is our fire that makes us a model public research university for the world.

"We believe that our thinking, our research, and, most importantly, our people impact and positively change the world around us.  We recognize the difference between a degree and a relevant life-changing, and potentially world-altering experience.  We witness this every day and the power is undeniable, as is our role in creating it for the thousands whose quest for learning brings them here—to Buffalo.  Where our culture of resilient optimism, resourceful thinking, and pragmatic dreaming enables us to reach others every day."

Components of the platform

Other resources

Reaching Others Online

A Web site that highlights how UB reaches others.