Elements of Reaching Others Stories

Telling stories about how the work of UB faculty, staff and students makes a difference locally and globally is being used as the primary approach to supporting the Reaching Others brand. 

Not only do people like to tell stories, they like to hear them: story-telling is one of mankind’s oldest learning tools. Think of the oral histories that maintained communities for centuries before there was the written word. Or Aesop’s Fables. Or the favorite stories that you and your family revel in recounting at reunions.

UB's stories

The stories we are telling express UB’s distinctive essence as a model public research university that is positively changing the world. We are sharing them to increase public awareness about UB and its impact and with the hope that those who see or hear our stories will remember them and, in turn, share UB’s stories with others.

Effective stories can be as brief as a few sentences that are presented as part of a print ad in a publication. They can be expanded into narratives of several paragraphs to be included in a university newsletter or on UB Web sites. They also can be comprehensive explorations of topics, such as how UB researchers are improving understanding of childhood obesity and working to help obese children and their families, which was featured as a cover story in the university’s alumni magazine, UB Today.

Variations on the theme

Promoting Reaching Others does not mean that you must mention the two words, “Reaching Others,” or that you cannot connect “Reaching Others” with another phrase or set of words. You can use variations such as “Our Generosity Reaches Others,” which is being used in conjunction with the Employees Campaign for the Community, or “Helping Students Reach Higher,” being utilized by the Center for Educational Collaboration. The program for UB's 2009 general commencement included an insert about the accomplishments of young alumni titled “Reaching Others, Changing the World.” In conjunction with examples about how their work affects lives every day, schools and programs may choose to use phrases like “Our Design Reaches Others” (School of Architecture and Planning) and “Our Determination Reaches Others” (Division of Athletics).

What is important is that you signify that the work of UB is improving our community and our world. Hence, the statement “Full implementation of UB 2020 will increase the university’s economic impact on Buffalo Niagara and the quality of life of its residents” is very much a “Reaching Others” message without using the words “Reaching Others.”

Other resources

Reaching Others Online

A Web site that highlights how UB reaches others.