UB on Facebook

UB on Facebook

Official University at Buffalo Facebook page

The primary UB Facebook page has been designed for a group of users loosely called “prideful belongers.”  They are people located across the country and throughout the world, who have a special bond with UB and are looking to connect or reconnect with the university. Current and prospective students, staff and faculty members are prideful belongers, as are alumni, UB parents and donors.

Content posted to this page encourages these users to:

  • Support UB actively
  • Feel inspired about UB
  • Share online content about UB with others

Social Media Directory

The UB Social Media Directory is a list of UB-owned social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr. The directory is located on the university’s Facebook page.

This directory is a snapshot of UB social networks that are active, well-established and appeal to prospective students in particular. It is not intended to be a comprehensive index of all UB pages.

However, we are collecting the addresses of all UB social media channels. If you would like to add your UB page to this list or to the Facebook directory, please review the criteria and e-mail ubinfo@buffalo.edu.

How you can get started

Facebook is a powerful social network that allows you to create a two-way dialogue and interactive community with and for your intended audience. You can use Facebook Pages and Groups to communicate directly with your audience and receive constant feedback on how effective your messages are.

Before setting up a new UB page, you and your unit should develop a social media strategy that answers the following questions:

  • What do we want this page to do?
  • Who will it reach, and why?
  • How does it fit into our unit’s comunications plan and/or my professional duties at UB?
  • How and by whom will the page be maintained and monitored?

Here are a few links to help get you started with your Facebook presence:




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