Official Fonts

Frutiger and Minion are the official UB font families and are used in the signatures supporting typography. In conjunction with the Reaching Others branding platform, Din Pro has been introduced as a third, supporting font. These fonts are recommended for use in all communications. Standard fonts such as Trebuchet MS and Georgia may be substituted when appropriate.

Examples of Frutiger typeface (purchase online):

examples of the Frutiger typeface

Examples of Minion typeface (purchase online):

examples of the Minion typeface

Examples of Din Pro (from Reaching Others Campaign; purchase online)

examples of the Din Pro typeface

Web Fonts

For HTML text on the Web, Trebuchet MS and Georgia are the preferred fonts. The recommended minimum font size for Trebuchet should be 11px or its equivalent. The minimum size for Georgia should be 14px or its equivalent. Use of these fonts guarantees legibility on both IBM and Macintosh computers. Frutiger and Minion are not suitable for HTML text. However, on Web sites whenever text becomes graphic in nature, such as in a top banner (as in .gif or .jpeg files), one of the preferred official fonts should be used.

Examples of Trebuchet MS (comes standard with IBM or Mac PCs):

Examples of Trebuchet MS typeface:

Examples of Georgia (comes standard with IBM or Mac PCs):

Examples of Georgia typeface:

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