UB’s Name

University at Buffalo’s name
The university’s official legal name is State University of New York at Buffalo. This name is to be used on legal documents such as contracts and diplomas. In almost all other cases, use the short names approved by the SUNY central administration: University at Buffalo and UB. It is strongly recommended that communications use “University at Buffalo” on first reference and “UB” on second and subsequent references.

No other names are allowed. Do not use “SUNY-Buffalo,” “SUNYAB” or “SUNY [name of school or unit].”

The preferred way to identify a school or division in conjunction with an approved short name of the university is for the name of the unit to precede the name of the university, as in School of Management, University at Buffalo or the School of Management at the University at Buffalo. It is also acceptable to place the university’s name first (“the University at Buffalo School of Management”). In formal communications (such as policy statements), use “School of Management at the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.”


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