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Faculty and staff can request approved interior or exterior signage and recognition markers to promote the recognition of our university brand on campus.

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Signage — Billable and Nonbillable

Use examples of service and maintenance costs to guide your decisions. Your situation may vary from the usual. 


Signage — Service Examples
Billable Services
Non-billable Services*
Desk signs Repairs for signage denoting public spaces
Event signs Vinyl cut room numbers above doors
Interior and exterior signage requests  
Interior room signs in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  
Laboratory sign requests  
Name tags  
Recognition and memorial markers  
Signs denoting event parking  

* Some units are not eligible for the non-billable rate. For questions regarding eligibility, please contact University Facilities, Finance and Administration.

Signage Types

ADA Interior Signage

The university is working in compliance with the American with Disability Act (ADA) to provide the ability to purchase ADA interior room signage.

ADA Sign Details

Integrating the brand throughout the university’s physical spaces will help us create a cohesive look.  This detail is what makes a memorable impression on students, faculty, staff and visitors and aids wayfinding through our campuses. 

ADA Signage Payment Information

ADA interior room signs, type A1.1, can be ordered through our local vendor. This is a billable service and the sign company will charge a fee of $60.00 per sign (price valid through 11/01/2022). This fee does not include installation but you can either pay for our vendor to install the signage or put in a billable work order to have University Facilities install the signage.

ADA Signage Ordering Instructions

Once a request is recieved by Customer Service:

  • Design and Construction will review the request for verification of room number accuracy.
  • Once the room numbers are verified, Customer Service will contact you with the vendor’s information to purchase the signs. All payments for the signs are made directly to the vendor.
  • The estimate above does not include installation. University Facilities Sign Shop will install the signs and an estimate will be provided to you separately if you request in-house installation. If removal of the old signage had caused any damage, the cost of additional repairs may be included.
ADA Sign Type A1.1.

ADA Sign Type A1.1

ADA Signage Inserts

Once the ADA signs are installed, you may download the customizable ADA Signage Insert document. Once downloaded, you can edit the file that follows the university sign standards to create your own inserts.

Information and Tricks

  • To remove the front of the room ID signs, use a large suction cup (can be purchased at any craft store or through a signage vendor)
  • To remove the old paper insert, try inserting a post-it note…it will adhere to the paper and you can easily pull it out.
  • Per UB Communications, please use the type faces and colors provided on the template, do not add any logos, photos, etc.
  • You may use standard copy paper, but for a higher opaqueness, you may wish to use card stock  (Staples brand card stock, 110 lb., white, letter size).
  • Remember, all rooms must be identified with ADA compliant room identification signs.  Please include signs and inserts for rooms such as  janitor’s closets, mechanical rooms, kitchens, storage rooms, etc. within your building(s). 

Interior Signage

Custom interior signs can be ordered through University Facilities Customer Service.

Interior Sign Details

Interior Signage Information

This is a billable service and depending on the scope of the request, a quote can be obtained prior to the purchase of the sign.

Examples of signs that may be requested include:

  • Desk (gravoply)
  • Hand-painted
  • Stencil
  • Letter-on

To begin the request, submit a Work Order.  It must include the location for the sign, what is needs to say, color, letter size as well as sign size.

Exterior Signage and Environmental Graphics

The university is committed to maintaining a consistant look and feel to the campus' graphic elements and wayfinding.  Requesting changes to existing signs or requesting the creation of a new sign will be reviewed by the Signange Review committee.

Exterior Sign and Graphic Details

Exterior Signage and Environmental Graphic Information

This is a billable service and depending on the scope of the request, a quote can be obtained prior to the purchase of the sign.

Please review the exterior campus signage policy and the environmental brand guidelines before submitting your request.  Adherence to the standards set in place will ensure consistency throughout all of our campus'.

Please Note: Signage installation is based on the current weather conditions. Our installer need at least a week or more of temperatures above 55-60 degrees to apply vinyl letters or the letters will not set to the sign.  For requests of this type during the cold temperature time period, the request is deferred until spring after it has warmed up.

Wraps and banners can be designed with the help of University Communications.  Call them at (716) 645-9196 to get started with your project.

Event Signage

Signage for UB events is posted on campus event signposts (E-3 signs). Complete the Signage Request for Event form two days in advance of your event.

E-3 Event Signs

Event Signage Payment Information

E-3 event signs can be ordered through University Facilities Customer Service. This is a billable service and a fee of $75 will be charged per sign per location. The sign will be displayed for up to 2 days before the event and the day(s) of the event. Additional posting days, if available, will be $5.00 per day. Since there are a limited number of signs that can be up at any time, requests will be filled on a first come-first served basis.

Each sign accommodates a maximum of 3 lines with 14 characters on each line. To begin the request, submit a Work Order at least 2 weeks before the event.

Event Signage Locations

There are five E-3 signposts on North Campus and one signpost on South Campus. Each signpost contains 4 individual signs.

Sign Usage

E-3 signs are directional only and should be used in conjunction with other directional signage on campus. The event signs are not to be used for advertising purposes. Promotional literature for campus events should refer to the appropriate complex and location, including where to park.

Campus event signpost.

E-3 event sign post

Laboratory Door Signs

Laboratory door signs must be displayed on laboratories that use hazardous materials. Complete the Laboratory Door Sign Request form.  

Recognition and Memorial Markers

Facilities coordinates placing identifying plaques on campus to serve as recognition or memorial markers for university colleagues. These markers are sponsored by individual or departmental donors. Donors will work with Campus Planning to determine the general marker site location.

To request a recognition or memorial marker, submit a Work Order Request. Click Yes on the Form to request a price quote before work is scheduled.

Recognition and Memorial Markers Available

Recognition and Memorial Trees

The opportunity to purchase a memorial tree is no longer available at this time.

Recognition and Memorial Marker

Facilities provides the donor with contact information for a vendor who will manufacture the plaque. The donor will work with the vendor to determine wording and payment for the plaque. The plaque is 6 inches by 8 inches, is made on cast bronze, has raised lettering and is permanently mounted to a concrete base.  

The price of a plaque is dependent on the wording and ranges from approximately $100 - $175. The cost of plaque installation is approximately $150 and includes the cost of fabricating the base, mounting the plaque and placing the plaque and base at the site location. The donor will pay the vendor directly.

Recognition or memorial plaque.

Recognition or memorial plaque

Recognition or memorial plaque.

Recognition or memorial plaque

Requesting Service

Need a Price Quote First?

If you want to receive a price quote before your work is scheduled, check Yes on the Work Order Form. Work will be scheduled without a price quote if you choose No.

Request Service

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  • Call Customer Service at 716-645-2025

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