Creative Services

The University at Buffalo partners with a select group of vendors to provide the university with creative design services. Contracting with these agencies to provide a range of creative services is part of the operational excellence project University Communications began in fall 2017, sponsored by the vice president for communications.

This universitywide contract, created with input from senior-level unit communicators, provides units with a selection of high-quality vendors that were rigorously scrutinized during the RFP process. The aim is to create efficiencies in the purchasing and processing of creative requests to benefit units, as well as UB’s central procurement office, during contract review, negotiations and execution. This contract also decreases the university’s risk while standardizing procedures to ensure ethical and sustainable business practices, as well as consistency in institutional branding.

Services Offered

The contracted vendors provide creative services to academic and administrative units in support of their communications needs while maintaining consistent execution of the university brand through an expedited bidding process. The university benefits through increased brand compliance, elevated quality assurance, cost savings and administrative efficiency. The vendors are as follows:

Please visit the vendor information page for contractual information, including approved rates and contact details. You will need to use your UBIT login to access this page. 

The selected vendors collaborate with university units to develop and create communications materials that adhere to brand standards. Their role includes conceptual development, art direction and comprehensive graphic design support. Specific examples of communications materials that may be developed include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Brochures, booklets, reports and manuals.
  • Direct mail flyers, postcards and specialty print pieces.
  • Event materials (e.g., invitations, programs, award certificates).
  • Posters, banners and vehicle wraps.
  • Print, web-based, social media and outdoor advertisements.
  • Emails, web graphics and other e-marketing materials.
  • Tabletop displays and conference, open house and trade show exhibits.
  • Graphs, charts and other individual graphics and illustrations.
  • Short-form video, animated GIFs and other motion visuals.

Editorial Support

Some projects may also require editorial support such as writing, copyediting and/or proofreading. If your unit is in need of these services, the selected vendor may provide them at an additional fee. However, there is no requirement to use these vendors as an editorial resource. If copy is supplied directly by the UB unit, the vendor is not liable for any text errors. It is incumbent on the unit to proofread.