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Faculty and staff involved in university-sponsored events can request services that meet the needs of students, faculty, staff and community members.

Service Hours

Customer Service Office

Days Hours
Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Event Service Agreements

All events hosted at UB require a service agreement.

Service Agreements

Prior to an event, Customer Service will provide the event sponsors with a detailed service agreement indicating all anticipated charges for services to be rendered. An account number and approval of the agreement is required before services are provided.

  • For event sponsors without UB account numbers, a 25% cash deposit based on the estimate is required five (5) business days prior to the event.
  • Changes in scheduling, additional requests and cancellations will affect the final cost. Customer Service will inform the event contact person or designee of any changes to the original cost estimate and obtain approval before proceeding.
  • If the event contact person or designee is not available, Facilities will provide services that they believe are in the best interest of maintaining the integrity of the event. The sponsoring department will be charged for such services.

Event Descriptions

There are four types of events that can be hosted at UB. Each event requires a service agreement and may or may not incur service charges.

Group A — Campus-Wide Events

Group A events are aligned with and promote the university's mission. These events include:

  • Commencement — general commencement in Alumni Arena and departmental events immediately preceding or following the general commencement that use the same setup
  • Senior breakfast or celebration
  • New building dedications
  • Presidential events — events directly requested by the Office of the President
  • University Convocation Orientation
  • Welcome Weekend, Discover UB, Preview Day, State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA) kickoff
Event Services Examples — Campus Wide Events
Billable Services Nonbillable Services
Additional labor provided by Facilities beyond setup and takedown will be charged at the standard labor rate as defined by Facilities
Delivery of university-owned tables, chairs, podiums, flags and banners
Overtime labor will be charged except in the case of general commencement
Regular time labor to facilitate setup, takedown and cleanup
Supplemental tables, chairs and staging provided by outside vendors Special event signage

Group B — University Sponsored Events

Group B events are affiliated with and sponsored by UB and take place on campus buildings or grounds. The event may or may not include an admission charge.

Event Services Examples — UB Sponsored Events
Billable Services Nonbillable Services
Delivery of university-owned tables, chairs, podiums, flags and banners
Special event signage  
Supplemental tables, chairs and staging provided by outside vendors
Utilities and additional labor provided by Facilities beyond setup, takedown and cleanup will be charged at the standard labor rate as defined by Facilities  

Group C — Private Events

These events are not affiliated with or sponsored by UB. They are hosted by external groups that use campus grounds or facilities as their venue.

Event Service Examples — Private Events
Billable Services Nonbillable Services
Special event signage is based on availability as university-sponsored events take priority
Tables, chairs and staging must be provided by outside vendors
Utilities and additional labor provided by Facilities beyond setup, takedown and cleanup will be charged at the standard labor rate as defined by Facilities  

Group D — Varsity Athletic Events

These are athletic events on campus involving a UB varsity team such as football, softball, women's volleyball, basketball, wrestling, women's swimming, tennis, cross country, women's soccer and track and field.

Event Service Examples — Varsity Athletic Events
Billable Services Nonbillable Services
Special event signage Service provided by Facilities as requested by the UB varsity team

Event Signage

Event signage is posted on campus event signposts (E-3) and is regulated by the Exterior Signage Policy. Complete the Signage Request for Event form.

E-3 Event Signs

Event Signage Payment Information

E-3 event signs can be ordered through University Facilities Customer Service. This is a billable service and a fee of $75 will be charged per sign per location. The sign will be displayed for up to 2 days before the event and the day(s) of the event. Additional posting days, if available, will be $5.00 per day. Since there are a limited number of signs that can be up at any time, requests will be filled on a first come-first served basis.

Each sign accommodates a maximum of 3 lines with 14 characters on each line. To begin the request, submit a Work Order at least 2 weeks before the event.

Event Signage Locations

There are five E-3 signposts on North Campus and one signpost on South Campus. Each signpost contains 4 individual signs.

Sign Usage

E-3 signs are directional only and should be used in conjunction with other directional signage on campus. The event signs are not to be used for advertising purposes. Promotional literature for campus events should refer to the appropriate complex and location, including where to park.

Campus event signpost.

E-3 event sign post

Event Equipment

Event planners can request available event supplies and services in advance of an event.

Event Equipment Available

Equipment Available for UB Events

Equipment available for UB sponsored events includes:

  • Podiums
  • UB banners and graphics
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Flags
  • Tents
  • Projectors
  • Stages

UBITName and Password are required to access the Work Order Form


Tent usage on campus must be pre-approved and meet fire safety standards.

Tent Requirements

Tent Requirements

All tents erected on University at Buffalo property will comply with the Fire Codes of New York State (19NYCRR) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 102. The Office of Environment Health & Safety (EH&S) must approve all tents erected and their location.

  • Tents shall be constructed of flame resistive material. A certificate showing that the tent was treated to be flame resistant shall be submitted to EH&S. (Sec. 2404.4 19NYCRR, Sec.8-4.1 NFPA 102)
  • No hay, straw or any combustible materials will be allowed in or within 20 feet from tents. (Sec.2404.5 19NYCRR)
  • Smoking shall not be allowed in tents. No Smoking signs shall be conspicuously posted. (Sec.2404.6 19NYCRR)
  • Open flame or other devices emitting flame, fire or heat or any flammable or combustible liquids, gas, charcoal or any cooking device shall not be permitted inside or within 20 feet from the tent regardless of the weather. Warming trays are exempted from this requirement (Sec.2404.7 19NYCRR)
  • All food preparation shall comply with Erie County Health Department Regulations.
  • Distance from buildings will be 20 feet. Tents will not block or obstruct exits from buildings or any building fire department connections. (Sec.2403.7 19NYCRR)
  • If there is more than one tent, spacing between tents are 10 feet between stake lines (Sec.8-5.1 NFPA102)
  • Tents will not be staked in paved areas.

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