Event Signage

Event planners can request campus entrance signage to promote and help attendees get to and from their events. Order signs 2 weeks in advance of your event.

Each sign is available for a fee for 2 days prior to the event and the event day. Additional days may be ordered.

Contact Customer Service for fee information at 716-645-2025.

Download the Form

Completing the PDF Form

  1. Read through all pages of the document to find specific instructions if any
  2. Enter requested information into the form
  3. Print the form
  4. Get required signatures
  5. Scan a copy of the signed form for your records
  6. Send the original, completed, signed form to:         

Send to Department
University Facilities, Customer Service
120 John Beane Center
Phone: 645-2025
Fax: 645-5965

Need Help Completing the Form?

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Customer Service

University Facilities

120 John Beane Center

Phone: 716-645-2025; Fax: 716-645-5965

Email: custserv@facilities.buffalo.edu

Form Facts

Form Type: Downloadable, PDF document

Requirements: Adobe Reader

Updated: 05/25/2017

Owner: Facilities, Customer Service and Maintenance