Print kiosk locations

Discover the locations of the 40 print kiosks across all three UB campuses using any of the methods below.

Method 1: View a live map

Method 2: Use the Wepa Print app to find print kiosks

  1. Download the free Wepa Print app from your mobile device store and open it
  2. From the main menu, select Find the nearest print station
  3. A map of nearby kiosk locations and statuses is displayed

Method 3: Browse print kiosk locations by campus

To find the locations of buildings, see Campus Maps.

North Campus

Academic Center, Ellicott Complex, outside of Blake Center (1 kiosk)

Alfiero Hall lounge (1 kiosk)

Baird lobby (1 kiosk)

Capen lobby (1 kiosk)

Capen 1 hallway (2 kiosks)

Capen 2/Siverman computing site (4 kiosks)

Capen 3/Silverman computing site (6 kiosks)

Clemens 1 hallway (1 kiosk)  

Clinton Hall computing site, Governors Complex (1 kiosk)

12 Creekside Village (1 kiosk)

Davis Hall hallway (1 kiosk)

Fargo C150 entry foyer, Elicott Complex (2 kiosks)

19 Flickinger Court (1 kiosk)

300 Flint Village (1 kiosk)

A107 Greiner Hall (1 kiosk)

90 Hadley Village (1 kiosk)

Knox ground floor (2 kiosks)

Lockwood 2 main hallway (1 kiosk)

Lockwood 2 LevelUp (3 kiosks)

Lockwood 2 computing site (4 kiosks)

Lockwood 3 computing site (2 kiosks)

Natural Sciences Complex hallway (2 kiosks)

O’Brian 1 hallway (1 kiosk)

O’Brian 2 hallway (1 kiosk)

Park Hall lounge (1 kiosk)

211 South Lake Village (1 kiosk)

Student Union (2 kiosks)

South Campus

Abbott 1 print center (4 kiosks)

Abbott 3 computing site (3 kiosks)

Goodyear 1 hallway (1 kiosk)*

Harriman Hall hallway (1 kiosk)

*Temporary location, will be relocated to Clement Hall after Spring 2022

Downtown Campus

Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Library (1 kiosk)

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