UB Print Anywhere (powered by Wepa)

UB students receive a semesterly quota of free pages to print assignments at any of 40 print station kiosks. Learn how to easily print your assignments from your smartphone (using the Wepa Print app), any computer, a computing site, a USB drive and more.

print station kiosk.

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Common questions

What hours are printing available?

You can upload your documents to the Wepa cloud at any time. Print kiosks are accessible whenever the building or area they are in is open.

What kind of files can I print?

All the most common types are supported. See What types of files can I upload to Wepa? For a complete list.

My print quota isn’t showing up. Who should I talk to for help?

If you don’t see your quota balance in the Wepa Print mobile app, contact Wepa support 1-800-675-7639, or visit wepanow.com.