Print from an email

Learn how to print documents from your UBmail for students to any print kiosk.


Step 1: Email your file(s)

  1. Log in to your UBmail for students
  2. Attach a supported document type
  3. Specify any print options on the first line of the email body:
    • Color for color prints. Default is black and white.
    • Duplex for double-sided prints. Default is single-sided. The final page of any odd-numbered paged document printed duplex is charged at the simplex rate
  4. Send email to Wepa will place your files in your account or a Guest account.
    • If you send the email from a non-UB email account, it will be placed in a Guest account
  5. You will receive an email reply when your files are ready for release.

Step 2: Print at a kiosk

  1. Visit any print station kiosk
  2. Release the print job with one of the following methods:
  • Touchless printing with the Wepa app: Launch the app, and select the kiosk icon in the lower-right corner (The app should say “Ready to scan”). Hold your phone up to the NFC chip on the kiosk (a small platform to the left of the screen) and your printout will be released.
  • Swipe your UB card, enter a release code, or login with your UBITName and password. Then, select the file to print and your payment method.

Collect your prints.

Wepa Support