Troubleshooting UBITName Login Problems

I don't have my UBITName, single-use password or person number for activating my account?

Why can't I log in?

  • Check that:
    • Autocorrect is not capitalizing the first letter of your UBITName: all UBITNames are lowercase.
    • Your caps lock key isn't on when entering your password.
    • You are only entering your UBITName, not your full email address.
  • Check the UBIT Services Status Dashboard to see if any services are unavailable or undergoing maintenance.
  • If you still can’t log in, contact the UBIT Help Center.

Why do I get a UBITName login error when I go to the login page I bookmarked?

When bookmarking a page, bookmark the service URL, such as or, and not the login page that prompts you for your UBITName and password.

Why can I log into some UB services but not others?

Try the following:

How do I know if it's a real UBITName login page or a phishing attempt?

Why am I getting an error with my current Web browser session from Shibboleth?

Open an Private Browsing (Incognito) window may resolve the issue.

Contact the UBIT Help Center

You may also send us an email, or use the UBIT Help Center Online (login required).

(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Use your email ONLY if you have access to it