Get to know Duo’s new universal prompt

Two members of the UB community work on laptops.

Published September 6, 2022

The familiar Duo prompt is getting a new look, but the process of logging in with Duo is the same as before.

Beginning September 21, 2022, a redesigned Duo prompt will appear when you log into UB services. Have no fear: this is an official Duo prompt, and your login is as secure as ever.

When the prompt appears, it will remind you to check for a Duo Push (or to select your preferred two-step verification method). Once you approve the Push, you will be logged in with your UBITName as usual.

During the Duo login process, you also have the option of telling Duo to trust the browser you’re using, so you won’t have to verify your login as often if you’re using the same browser on the same device.

A secure passphrase and Duo: safer together


Duo is best when combined with a strong, unique password for your UBITName account. If your password is secure, and your Duo account is connected only to your second factor methods, the chances of someone being able to access your account without your permission is virtually zero.

If your UBITName password is compromised, you could start to see Duo Pushes you didn't request. If that's the case, deny the Pushes, then mark them as fraudulent and change your password as soon as possible.

Help with your UBITName account

Having trouble logging in? Need to change your password? Contact the UBIT Help Center, online at, or by phone at 716-645-3542.