Need a new laptop? We can help.

Two UB students use laptops in a UB classroom during an orientation session.

Photo by Meredith Forrest Kulwicki

Published March 29, 2022

Well, it finally happened. Your laptop is broken. It was bound to happen sometime… but did it have to happen in the middle of a semester?!

There’s never a good time to find yourself without a laptop. If a broken device has you worried about finishing the semester strong, read on to learn about some options available to you to bridge the gap.

Borrow a laptop from UB Libraries


UB Libraries’ laptop loan program has helped hundreds of students without a working laptop. The best part? It’s completely free.

Laptops are available to borrow from the start of each semester until the Friday after exams. There are two different models to choose from. Visit the UB Libraries’ website for information about tech specs, the borrowing process and more.

Supplies are limited, so act fast if you think you need to borrow a laptop. You may need to be put on a waiting list. If there are no laptops available for loan, keep reading… there are more resources to help you if your laptop is broken.

Use the computers in UB’s computing sites

Hundreds of Windows and iMac computers all over campus are available to UB students in UB’s computing sites. Each one has standard software installed and is conveniently located near printing and other technology resources.

UB’s public computers are a great option if you’re on campus and able to set aside time to work in a computing site. But eventually, you’ll probably want your own laptop. Fortunately, UB students get discounts on laptops from many major manufacturers.

Use your UB student discount to buy a new laptop

While most laptop manufacturers offer student discounts, the discounts work differently for each brand. If you’re buying in a store, you’ll probably have to show your UB Card. If you’re buying online, you may be asked to verify your school affiliation with your UBmail address.

To make things easier, UBIT works with manufacturers to identify lower-cost laptops that meet UB’s minimum recommendations. For example, UB students are eligible to buy discounted Dell laptops starting at under $600. Apple also has a dedicated University at Buffalo store with discounts on MacBooks, iPads and more.

Think your laptop is breaking? Talk to Tech Squad


The Tech Squad will troubleshoot problems with your device for free. Just book an appointment online, and one of our experts will look at your laptop and help determine what the problem is.

If the problem falls under their covered services, they’ll repair it; otherwise, they’ll confirm whether you need to buy or find another laptop to use.