Human Research Education/Training Presentations

We realize that IRB protocol development might be confusing so we are glad to present to your units or classes. Please let us know the particulars when booking a session so we can tailor the presentation to meet your needs.

Presentations and Classes

Each attendee should complete the appropriate UB CITI human subjects and good clinical practice courses in advance of any scheduled presentation. This makes the best use of our time together.  

Scheduling a date/time and content:

We are flexible and will work with you on scheduling a presentation. We have found that it works best when you contact us at least a month in advance and can offer a few optional dates when determining the schedule.

We need the following information to help us prepare better for your presentation:

  • Your contact information (e-mail and phone)
  • Allotted presentation time (e.g. 1 hour to 1.5 hours) 
  • Size and make-up of the group (3-5 faculty, 25 grad students in a methods class, etc.)
  • Desired content. 
    • We typically focus on protocol development and tools for preparing materials. 
    • We generally limit information on other processes and background to the areas where they might overlap protocol development, however can certainly expand or alter the presentation to meet your needs.
  • Room location and facilities available.
    • We typically bring our presentation on a USB drive that plugs into classroom projection systems but can make other arrangements as needed.
Contact Us to Schedule a Presentation

The best way to contact us is by email.  Contact Info