Current Incubator Clients


Biosciences Incubator

Client companies of the UB Biosciences Incubator located in the Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) on the University at Buffalo Downtown Campus.


Suites: 5080, 5085, 5087

AccuTheranostics, Inc. offers laboratory tests designed to provide information to tailor treatment to the individual patient’s cancer. This information enables physicians to avoid the use of specific chemotherapy agents to which the patient’s tumor is resistant and select those that will be most effective.

Ceno Technologies

Suites: 5082, 5083

Ceno Technologies, a research and development company founded in 2006, specializes in advanced particle technologies on the nano scale. Since its inception, Ceno Technologies has specialized in developing coated ceno spheres and other microscopic particles designed to provide electromagnetic interference shielding for consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. Recently, they have branched out into the biotechnology field – providing research for biotech materials, drug development, and drug delivery systems.

NeuroTrauma Sciences LLC

Suite: 5084

NeuroTrauma Sciences has worldwide rights and IP protection for the low dose IV formulation of amphetamine to treat traumatic brain injury, stroke, epilepsy, and spinal cord injury. The demonstrated neuroprotective effect has a 12 hour therapeutic window, is a single low dose 24 hour infusion, non toxic and non addictive, has a stable shelf life, and is currently manufactured for pediatric ADHD. In clinical trials now to be the first FDA approved drug for stroke and traumatic brain injury.

Contact: Dave Poulsen