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clean room in Davis.

The Davis Hall clean room, like many of the university's specialized labs and equipment, offers a cost-effective alternative for industry R&D.

As a premier public research institution, UB offers a wealth of resources available to industry. Whether you need co-working space or a state-of-the-art class 10,000 cleanroom, we can help.

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Featured Research Centers

UB has more than 120 active research centers, institutes and collaborative projects, many of which have resources available to outside businesses. 

Shared Facilities

UB’s Science and Engineering Equipment and Instrumentation Portal (EQUIP) of Shared Facilities provides cost-effective access to precision laboratories, tools and equipment for electronic device development, and the study and analysis of materials. The facilities and equipment on this site are available for shared use by those in industry, as well as UB students and faculty, those in government and researchers at other academic institutions.

The Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE)

Committed to cultivating strong and sustainable businesses, The Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE) connects the University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences with public and private businesses, enabling them to survive and thrive. TCIE provides results-oriented technical assistance, consulting and training for sustainable operational improvements.

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