The PSS Celebrates 50 Years

professional staff senate 50 year anniversary logo.

Published July 29, 2021

The UB Professional Staff Senate (PSS) was established July 30, 1971, by the proclamation of President Robert L. Ketter. The PSS Constitution was ratified in 1972, defining the purpose of the Senate to “seek an active role for the professional staff in the governance of the University; provide advice and counsel in administrative matters; and assist in the development of administrative policies and procedures.” July 30, 2021 marks their 50th anniversary!

The General Membership of the UB Professional Staff is comprised of non-academic, exempt employees in State, UB Foundation, Research Foundation and Faculty-Student Association. The Professional Staff Senate, elected by the General Membership, represents the interests and concerns of the Professional Staff by participating in university shared governance, promoting professional development, and cultivating collegiality, community and UB culture.

The PSS includes Senators, who are elected for two-year terms by the staff in the university area they represent, The Executive Committee, who help set the overall direction of the PSS, evaluate ideas from the various committees, and review proposed resolutions, the Officers, who serve as the leadership of PSS and provide administrative direction, and eight Committees plus six subcommittees who provide various services for the benefit of the UB staff.

Over the past fifty years, the PSS has proudly provided countless opportunities in professional assistance and development, events for UB staff to get involved, network, and enjoy, and advantageous counsel for the betterment of the UB community. Join us as we celebrate fifty years of this wonderful organization. We look forward to fifty more!

You can learn more about the PSS and how you can get involved at