PSS Adopt a Family – 2021

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Published December 9, 2021

For 2021, we have been given 3 families for our annual Adopt-A-Family drive!  Please consider purchasing a digital or tangible gift card for the Kwitegetse & Ngendahimana, Gaymon and/or Marek families.  The wish list and description of each family is included in this article.  Please note we hope to reduce contact for this donation process.


Mainly the families are looking for: winter jackets/gear, blankets, electronics, clothing, sneakers/boots, toys/games, and household/school supplies.  We suggest gift cards to: Target, Walmart, Tops, Kohl’s, JCPenny, T. J. Maxx, and Burlington, but you can choose another business as well.

If you would like to donate to the Kwitegetse & Ngendahimana family, please purchase the digital gift card in your name, save as a PDF file, and send as an email attachment to Marlo Roetzer at

If you would like to donate to the Gaymon or Marek families, please purchase the digital gift card in your name, save as a PDF file, and send as an email attachment to Daniel Schweitzer at

Please send gift cards to Marlo or Daniel by Thursday, December 16, 2021.

In your message, make sure to identify which family your gift card is for.  If you do not have a preference, kindly put in your message your card can go to any of these families.  Make sure to identify that you are from the PSS, so we know where the card is coming from.

We prefer digital gift cards, but if you buy a physical card you may email Marlo or Daniel to arrange a location/time to drop it off.

Family wishlists

Kwitegetse & Ngendahimana: This family arrived as an international family in 2018 that has been impacted by both parents being incapacitated by a recent car accident that also injured one of their children. They are a larger family with ten children, one of whom is special needs. They were nominated by two community partners, one of the schools that one of the children attends and Journey’s End Refugee Services.  They would appreciate gift cards for winter clothing, school supplies, and toys. 

Gaymon Family:  Jarielys Gaymon is a student who is in the foster care system. She is 15 and attends Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. Her foster mother, who originally adopted her, passed away last year and due to some issues, she was placed back into the foster system. Jarielys would appreciate gift cards towards a tablet for school, shoes, and headphones. 

Marek Family: This is a blended family with twelve members living in a three bedroom home. The mother recently lost her job due to COVID, while the father is in a job training program. Public assistance is tight for this family and they would appreciate gift cards for toys, home goods, and clothing.  They frequent Tops and Walmart.

We are grateful for any donation you can provide to these families!

We truly appreciate your support, and if you have any questions about this drive please contact Marlo Roetzer,, or Daniel Schweitzer,