Innovative cancer therapies grow from university lab to universal impact

One of the first life sciences companies spun out of the University at Buffalo, Athenex helped spark an entrepreneurial movement. Now, Athenex is a global, publicly traded biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel therapies for the treatment of cancer.


How Athenex collaborates with UB


Accelerates R&D


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Collaborates with Experts


Occupies Lab Space


Uses High-tech Equipment


Accesses Funding


A growing need for better cancer care

New cancer diagnoses disrupt the lives of approximately 2 million people in the United States every year, with an estimated 600,000+ fatalities per year from ongoing cases. Developing innovative cancer treatments that patients can tolerate and access can actively improve health outcomes.

Athenex challenge.
Athenex solution.


Academics and entrepreneurship team up to tackle treatment

Athenex started as a UB chemistry professor’s notion that university lab discoveries could be the catalysts for new cancer therapeutics. It quickly grew into a company with a patented drug discovery process and a powerful ability to connect academic research, fundamental discoveries and collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry. Athenex now improves the lives of cancer patients by creating more effective, safer and tolerable treatments.


From labs to launch

At UB exists a culture of discovery that nurtures the inception of startup companies. The university provides robust support programming and funding mechanisms to help pharmaceutical startups advance cancer-fighting clinical drug products.

Athenex used UB's high-tech facilities, lab space and clean room to develop processes for manufacturing clinical drug products. The company benefited from collaboration with UB experts, patent application guidance and financial support that has led to new drugs on the market, pipeline drugs in clinical trials, domestic manufacturing facilities, employee growth and significant investment.


When businesses and universities join forces, great impacts result

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