Published February 7, 2024

Buffalo investors grade an AI-generated startup pitch

With the rise in popularity of generative AI — and many experimenting with it — Buffalo Inno startup reporter Lian Bunny asked ChatGPT to "write a pitch for a Buffalo tech startup seeking to raise $1 million," then asked local investors to analyze the results.

David Thiemecke, University at Buffalo senior startup success manager and lead of UB's Buffalo Innovation Seed Fund, graded ChatGPT's email pitch with a D.

While he liked that the pitch included some key topics, Thiemecke stated that he would quickly mark the email as read and move on. He felt the layout didn't make sense and that ChatGPT missed the customer's perspective.

He encouraged founders to add more relevance, surprise, and "show the investor directly how their venture delivers on the investor's return objectives while mitigating risk." For a good pitch, Thiemecke says, "founders must show how they understand the customer, quantify it and demonstrate their solution is better than any other."

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