Experts by Expertise: Law

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Note to members of the news media:

The correct name of the university is “University at Buffalo,” not “University of Buffalo.”

  • Head shot of Daniel Antonius.

    Daniel Antonius

    Associate Professor of Psychiatry

    Expertise: terrorism, violence, aggression, CTE and behavior, mental health and the legal system

    Phone: 716-898-5290


  • Head shot of Samantha Barbas.

    Samantha Barbas

    Professor of Law

    Expertise: Mass media law, libel, privacy, freedom of the press

    Phone: 716-645-6216


  • Head shot of Christine P. Bartholomew, University at Buffalo faculty expert on class actions, evidence and antitrust law, and on clergy abuse.

    Christine P. Bartholomew

    Professor of Law

    Expertise: class actions, antitrust law, consumer protection, clergy abuse, clergy privilege

    Phone: 716-645-7399


  • Head shot of Mark Bartholomew.

    Mark Bartholomew

    Professor of Law

    Expertise: intellectual property, copyright, trademarks, cyber law, artificial intelligence and copyright law, cybersecurity bills, net neutrality, advertising law

    Phone: 716-645-5959


  • Portrait of Guyora Binder, University at Buffalo criminal law expert.

    Guyora Binder

    SUNY Distinguished Professor of Law and Hodgson Russ Faculty Scholar

    Expertise: criminal law, felony murder, homicide, jurisprudence, legal theory, international law

    Phone: 716-645-2673


  • Head shot of Michael Boucai.

    Michael Boucai

    Professor of Law

    Expertise: Law and policy on sex, sexuality, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation; reproductive rights; constitutional, criminal, and family law; LGBTQ history

    Phone: 716-645-1743


  • Head shot of Irus Braverman, University at Buffalo wildlife, conservation and environmental law expert.

    Irus Braverman

    Professor of Law

    Expertise: laws governing animals, zoos, wildlife, coral reefs, extinction and climate change law, law and society, law and conservation, law and the environment, environmental justice in Israel/Palestine

    Phone: 716-645-3030


  • Head shot of S. Todd Brown, University at Buffalo business bankruptcy and corporate fraud expert.

    S. Todd Brown

    Dean of the School of Law

    Expertise: business bankruptcy, bankruptcy trusts, complex litigation/mass torts, corporate governance, and corporate fraud

    Phone: 716-645-2052


  • Head shot of Mary Bush.

    Mary Bush

    Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry

    Expertise: forensic dentistry, bite mark analysis, victim identification

    Phone: 716-829-2862


  • Head shot of Peter Bush.

    Peter Bush

    Director of the South Campus Instrument Center

    Expertise: forensic dentistry, bite mark analysis, victim identification

    Phone: 716-829-3561


  • Head shot of Michael Dambra, University at Buffalo regulations and SEC expert.

    Michael Dambra

    Associate Professor of Accounting and Law

    Expertise: economic consequences of regulatory changes; initial public offerings (IPOs); pension accounting; valuation of privately held equity

    Contact: Michael Dambra can be reached most quickly through Jackie Ghosen in the School of Management Communications Office at 716-645-2833 or

  • Head shot of Matthew Dimick.

    Matthew Dimick

    Professor of Law

    Expertise: income inequality, tax and welfare policy as it relates to income inequality, corporations, employment law, labor law

    Phone: 716-645-7968


  • Portrait of Shawn J. Donahue, University at Buffalo elections, political science and Constitutional law expert.

    Shawn J. Donahue

    Assistant Professor of Political Science

    Expertise: voting rights, redistricting, gerrymandering, state and local politics (including New York State and Buffalo-area politics), campaigns, elections, civil liberties, Constitutional law, election law

    Phone: 716-645-8446


  • Head shot of Helen A. Nellie Drew.

    Helen A. “Nellie” Drew

    Director of the Center for the Advancement of Sport

    Expertise: sports law, including student-athletes’ name, image and likeness (NIL), antitrust laws, collective bargaining, discipline of athletes, drug testing, NCAA compliance and Title IX; diversity in sport

    Phone: 716-645-2071


  • Head shot of Charles P. Ewing.

    Charles P. Ewing

    SUNY Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus

    Expertise: crime, psychology of crime, forensic psychology, criminal trials, murder trials, insanity defense, death penalty, juvenile law, sex offenders

    Phone: 716-645-2770


  • Portrait of Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora.

    Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora

    Associate Professor of Law

    Expertise: legal philosophy, transnational law, transitional justice, truth commissions, Colombia’s peace agreement, international human rights and compensation

    Phone: 716-645-3292


  • Head shot of Karl Fiebelkorn.

    Karl Fiebelkorn

    Emeritus Senior Associate Dean for Student, Professional, and Community Affairs

    Expertise: laws and regulations affecting pharmacy practice, medication errors, systems for improving practice sites, adult asthma, pharmacy business plan modeling

    Phone: 716-645-2824


  • Head shot of Lucinda M. Finley.

    Lucinda M. Finley

    Frank G. Raichle Professor of Trial and Appellate Advocacy

    Expertise: abortion, reproductive rights, women and the law, Supreme Court, employment discrimination, equal protection law, tort law and reform

    Phone: 716-645-6152


    Contact: Finley can also be contacted through Doug Sitler in UB Media Relations at 716-645-9069 or

  • Portrait of James Gardner, UB election law and constitutional law expert, in a suit and tie.

    James A. Gardner

    Bridget and Thomas Black SUNY Distinguished Professor of Law

    Expertise: election law, constitutional law, federalism, voting rights, redistricting, democracy, state constitutional law

    Phone: 716-645-3607


  • Head shot of Feng Gu, University at Buffalo financial reporting and corporate governance expert.

    Feng Gu

    Chair of Accounting and Law

    Expertise: financial reporting; mergers and acquisitions; intangibles; corporate governance; insider trading

    Contact: Feng Gu can be reached most quickly through Jackie Ghosen in the School of Management Communications Office at 716-645-2833 or

  • Head shot of Patricia Logan-Greene.

    Patricia Logan-Greene

    Associate Professor of Social Work

    Expertise: violence and victimization, adverse childhood experiences, gun violence and prevention, child maltreatment

    Phone: 716-645-1533


  • Portrait of Joanne Song McLaughlin, University at Buffalo labor economics and age discrimination expert.

    Joanne Song McLaughlin

    Associate Professor of Economics

    Expertise: labor economics; health insurance mandates; age discrimination; older workers; AI and the future of work

    Phone: 716-645-8685


  • Portrait of Athena D. Mutua, University at Buffalo civil rights law and legal justice system expert.

    Athena D. Mutua

    Professor of Law and Floyd H. and Hilda L. Hurst Faculty Scholar

    Expertise: civil rights law; constitutional law (Fourteenth Amendment); critical race and feminist legal theory; law and political economy; race and the legal justice system

    Phone: 716-645-2873. Athena D. Mutua can sometimes be contacted more quickly through the UB Media Relations team at


  • Portrait of Anthony O'Rourke, University at Buffalo criminal law and procedure expert.

    Anthony O’Rourke

    Joseph W. Belluck and Laura L. Aswad Professor of Civil Justice

    Expertise: criminal law and procedure, inequality in the criminal justice system

    Phone: 716-645-3097


  • Head shot of Annette Semanchin Jones.

    Annette Semanchin Jones

    Associate Professor and Director, PhD in Social Welfare program

    Expertise: child welfare, foster care, child protection services

    Phone: 716-645-1862