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Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora

Associate Professor of Law
University at Buffalo School of Law


Legal philosophy, transnational law, transitional justice, truth commissions, Colombia’s peace agreement, international human rights and compensation

Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora.

Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora is an expert on legal philosophy, transnational law, human rights and Colombia’s peace agreement. He holds a PhD in philosophy from McMaster University in Canada and an LLB from the Universidad de Cartagena in Colombia.

Fabra-Zamora’s scholarship focuses on law and philosophy, including conflicts of law, legal reasoning and concepts of truth and justice. He is interested in issues relating to law and justice in societies transitioning from one form of government to another, and in human rights and how victims of human rights violations can be compensated.

Among other topics, Fabra-Zamora has written or edited a variety of publications pertaining to various facets of conflict and peace in Colombia. He was co-editor, for example, of the 2021 book, “The Colombian Peace Agreement: A Multidisciplinary Assessment,” which provides an interdisciplinary examination of the achievements, failures and challenges of the peace agreement signed between the Colombian Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia to end one of the largest and most violent conflicts in the Western Hemisphere. 


Fabra-Zamora can respond to interview requests in English and Spanish.


Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora, PhD
Associate Professor of Law
University at Buffalo School of Law