Experts by Expertise: Bullying

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Note to members of the news media:

The correct name of the university is “University at Buffalo,” not “University of Buffalo.”

  • Portrait of Stephanie Fredrick, University at Buffalo bullying and cyberbullying expert.

    Stephanie Fredrick

    Associate Director of the Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention

    Expertise: bullying, cyberbullying, youth mental health, bullying interventions

    Phone: 716-645-1141


  • Portrait of Tiffany Karalis Noel, University at Buffalo education expert, with expertise in multiculturalism, social inequity and belongingness in education.

    Tiffany Karalis Noel

    Clinical Assistant Professor of Learning and Instruction

    Expertise: sociocultural inequity in education, teacher preparation and retention, mentoring in higher education

    Phone: 716-645-2455


  • Head shot of Amanda Nickerson.

    Amanda Nickerson

    Director of the Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention

    Expertise: school violence, bullying prevention and intervention, parent and peer relationships, assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders

    Phone: 716-645-1532


  • Head shot of Jamie Ostrov, University at Buffalo bullying and victimization expert.

    Jamie Ostrov

    Professor of Psychology

    Expertise: subtypes of aggression and victimization, developmental psychopathology, media effects on children, peer relationships, applied developmental psychology

    Phone: 716-645-3680


  • Amy Reynolds, faculty expert on multiculturalism in education.

    Amy Reynolds

    Professor of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology

    Expertise: multicultural issues, college student mental health

    Phone: 716-645-1112