Experts by Expertise: Food and Agriculture

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Note to members of the news media:

The correct name of the university is “University at Buffalo,” not “University of Buffalo.”

  • Diana Aga.

    Diana Aga

    Director of the UB RENEW Institute

    Expertise: chemicals of emerging concern; industrial pollution; wastewater treatment; environmental impact of PFAS ("forever chemicals"), PCBs, PBDEs (flame retardants), pesticides, nanomaterials, antimicrobials, pharmaceuticals and personal care products; antibiotic resistance in the environment; target and non-target analysis; Great Lakes pollution

    Phone: 716-645-4220


  • Head shot of Victor Albert, University at Buffalo plant evolution expert.

    Victor Albert

    Empire Innovation Professor of Biological Sciences

    Expertise: plant evolutionary biology; evolution of carnivorous plants; genomes of Amborella, avocado, birch, coffee and gardenia; comparative genomics; junk DNA

    Phone: 716-645-4983


  • Portrait of Katherine N. Balantekin.

    Katherine N. Balantekin

    Assistant Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

    Expertise: obesity, disordered eating, parental influences on child eating behavior, childhood obesity, diet culture, anti-obesity drugs

    Phone: 716-829-5578


  • Head shot of Derek Daniels, University at Buffalo thirst and ingestive behavior expert.

    Derek Daniels

    Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences

    Expertise: science of thirst; science of food, water and salt intake; ingestive/eating behaviors

    Phone: 716-645-0264


  • Head shot of Myles Faith, University at Buffalo expert on childhood obesity and children's eating behavior.

    Myles S. Faith

    Professor of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology

    Expertise: childhood obesity, children’s eating habits, family health

    Phone: 716-645-1124


  • Head shot of Shira Gabriel, University at Buffalo social psychology and social connection expert.

    Shira Gabriel

    Professor of Psychology

    Expertise: social psychology, social connections, sense of self, the need to belong, comfort food

    Phone: 716-645-0227


  • Head shot of Jessica Kruger, University at Buffalo faculty expert on consumption and addictive behaviors.

    Jessica Kruger

    Clinical Associate Professor of Community Health and Health Behavior

    Expertise: cannabis, binge-watching, consumption, addictive behaviors, substance use and abuse, health behavior decision-making

    Phone: 716-829-6748


  • Head shot of Lucia A. Leone, University at Buffalo food access expert.

    Lucia A. Leone

    Associate Professor of Community Health and Health Behavior

    Expertise: food access, mobile produce markets, WIC, obesity prevention, physical activity

    Phone: 716-829-6953


  • Head shot of Charles Lindsey.

    Charles Lindsey

    Associate Professor of Marketing

    Expertise: consumer behavior, advertising, marketing strategy and research, brand loyalty, serving and package sizes

    Contact: Charles Lindsey can be reached most quickly through Jackie Ghosen in the School of Management Communications Office at 716-645-2833 or

  • Portrait of Yan Liu, University at Buffalo Chinese history expert, with a focus on the history of Chinese medicine, food and spices and comparative medicine.

    Yan Liu

    Associate Professor of History

    Expertise: history of Chinese medicine, food and spices; history of epidemics; history of the senses; comparative historical perspectives in medicine

    Phone: 716-645-8404


  • Head shot of Samina Raja.

    Samina Raja

    Professor of Urban and Regional Planning 

    Expertise: food access, food systems planning, food and urban planning, local government food policy

    Phone: 716-829-5881


  • Head shot of Sarah Robert, University at Buffalo faculty expert on teachers, teachers' unions and school food.

    Sarah A. Robert

    Associate Professor of Learning and Instruction

    Expertise: teaching as an occupation; teachers’ unions; labor issues in education; global education reform; gender and equity in education; school food

    Phone: 716-645-4046


  • Head shot of Stefan Ruhl, University at Buffalo saliva and oral biology expert.

    Stefan Ruhl

    Professor of Oral Biology

    Expertise: saliva, oral bacteria, glycobiology of bacterial adhesion, oral microbiome, oral health

    Phone: 716-829-6073


  • Jennifer Temple.

    Jennifer L. Temple

    Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, and Community Health and Health Behavior

    Expertise: caffeine use among kids, energy drinks, obesity

    Phone: 716-829-5593


  • Portrait of Ann-Marie Torregrossa, University at Buffalo taste science and food choice expert.

    Ann-Marie Torregrossa

    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Expertise: taste science, feeding, food choice, bitterness

    Phone: 716-645-0354


  • Head shot of Marion Werner, University at Buffalo international trade expert.

    Marion Werner

    Professor of Geography

    Expertise: global trade; agriculture, food, labor rights and trade; agri-business; development in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Phone: 716-645-0475


  • Head shot of Kari J. Winter.

    Kari J. Winter

    Professor of American Studies

    Expertise: gender, feminism, race, class, slavery, politics of food, literature

    Phone: 716-645-0827


  • Head shot of Sanjukta Das Smith.

    Sunyee Yoon

    Assistant Professor of Marketing

    Expertise: social status and mobility; socially responsible consumption; products that promote animal welfare; consumer behavior

    Contact: Sunyee Yoon can be reached most quickly through Jackie Ghosen in the School of Management Communications Office at 716-645-2833 or