Experts by Expertise: Immigration and Refugees

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Note to members of the news media:

The correct name of the university is “University at Buffalo,” not “University of Buffalo.”

  • Head shot of Robert Adelman, University at Buffalo immigration and U.S. Census expert.

    Robert Adelman

    Chair and Professor of Sociology

    Expertise: urban sociology, segregation, race, immigration, U.S. Census

    Phone: 716-645-8478


  • Head shot of Kafuli Agbemenu, University at Buffalo reproductive health expert.

    Kafuli Agbemenu

    Assistant Professor of Nursing

    Expertise: reproductive health in vulnerable populations

    Phone: 716-829-6023


  • Head shot of Abigail Cooke, UB assistant professor of geography.

    Abigail Cooke

    Associate Professor of Geography

    Expertise: economic impact of immigration; economic impact of international trade; urban economies; international trade

    Phone: 716-645-0486


  • Head shot of Cecil Foster, University at Buffalo Canadian studies and multiculturalism expert.

    Cecil Foster

    Professor of Transnational Studies in the Department of Africana and American Studies

    Expertise: Canadian studies; multiculturalism, politics, race, ethnicity and immigration in Canada

    Phone: 716-645-0786


  • Head shot of Kim Griswold, University at Buffalo expert on health care for refugees, immigrants and survivors of torture.

    Kim Griswold, MD

    Professor Emerita of Family Medicine and Psychiatry

    Expertise: health care for refugees and immigrants; trauma; survivors of torture; cultural competency in medicine; patient-centered medical homes; integrated medical and behavioral health care

    Phone: 716-816-7248


  • Portrait of Isok Kim, University at Buffalo mental health and refugee-related trauma expert.

    Isok Kim

    Associate Professor of Social Work

    Expertise: mental health and wellbeing among Asian Americans; refugee-related trauma; post-resettlement challenges; culturally responsive mental health services

    Phone: 716-645-1252


  • Portrait of Wooksoo Kim, University at Buffalo immigration and refugee resettlement expert.

    Wooksoo Kim

    Associate Professor of Social Work

    Expertise: immigration; refugee resettlement, acculturation; social determinants of health of Asian immigrants; community-based participatory research

    Phone: 716-645-1227


  • Portrait of Melinda Lemke, University at Buffalo K-12 education policy and reform expert.

    Melinda Lemke

    Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy

    Expertise: K-12 educational policy and reform; politics of education; public health; sociocultural contexts of education

    Phone: 716-645-1090


  • Portrait of Stephen Santa-Ramirez, University at Buffalo higher education access and equity expert.

    Stephen Santa-Ramirez

    Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy

    Expertise: access and equity in higher education; race, ethnicity, im/migration and Latinx collegians' educational experiences; undocumented and DACA students in higher education

    Phone: 716-645-5236


  • Head shot of Korydon Smith, University at Buffalo faculty expert on inclusive design and refugee housing.

    Korydon Smith

    Professor and Chair of Architecture

    Expertise: diversity and social justice in planning and design; inclusive design; refugee housing and settlement planning

    Phone: 716-829-5908


  • Portrait of Hilary Weaver, University at Buffalo faculty expert on cultural competence in helping professions, and issues affecting Indigenous Peoples.

    Hilary Weaver

    Professor Emeritus of Social Work

    Expertise: Multicultural social work; historical and contemporary issues affecting Indigenous Peoples, including Native Americans; refugee health and well-being; trauma and resilience

    Phone: 716-645-1226