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Korydon Smith

Professor and Chair of Architecture
University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning


Diversity and social justice in planning and design; inclusive design; refugee housing and settlement planning

Head shot of Korydon Smith, University at Buffalo faculty expert on inclusive design and refugee housing.

Korydon Smith can speak to the media about how the fields of planning and design can improve the health and wellbeing of underrepresented and vulnerable populations, including refugees.

Smith’s research works across disciplines — from anthropology to urban and regional planning — to create design solutions for those who have traditionally been marginalized in decisions about the design of their built environment. He notes that people seldom ask how to design a bus system from the perspective of single mothers or housing from the standpoint of refugees, older adults or people with disabilities.

Smith’s research has taken him to the United States’ rural South and around the globe to locations including Costa Rica, India, Rwanda and Uganda.


Korydon Smith, EdD
Professor and Chair of Architecture, University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning
Co-Director, University at Buffalo Community of Excellence in Global Health Equity