Experts by Expertise: Obesity

For help reaching an expert on deadline, please contact UB's media relations team at 716-645-6969 or

Note to members of the news media:

The correct name of the university is “University at Buffalo,” not “University of Buffalo.”

  • Head shot of Stephanie Anzman-Frasca.

    Stephanie Anzman-Frasca

    Associate Professor of Pediatrics

    Expertise: childhood obesity, children’s eating habits, infant and child behavior and development  

    Contact: Stephanie Anzman-Frasca can be reached through Ellen Goldbaum in University Communications at 716-645-4605 or

  • Portrait of Katherine N. Balantekin.

    Katherine N. Balantekin

    Assistant Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

    Expertise: obesity, disordered eating, parental influences on child eating behavior, childhood obesity, diet culture, anti-obesity drugs

    Phone: 716-829-5578



  • Head shot of Paresh Dandona, University at Buffalo faculty expert on diabetes and obesity.

    Paresh Dandona

    SUNY Distinguished Professor of Medicine

    Expertise: diabetes; obesity; endocrinology; insulin, testosterone and other hormone treatments; anti-inflammatory agents

    Phone: Dandona can be contacted through Ellen Goldbaum in UB Media Relations at 716-645-4605 or


  • Head shot of Myles Faith, University at Buffalo expert on childhood obesity and children's eating behavior.

    Myles S. Faith

    Professor of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology

    Expertise: childhood obesity, children’s eating habits, family health

    Phone: 716-645-1124


  • Head shot of Lucia A. Leone, University at Buffalo food access expert.

    Lucia A. Leone

    Associate Professor of Community Health and Health Behavior

    Expertise: food access, mobile produce markets, WIC, obesity prevention, physical activity

    Phone: 716-829-6953


  • Head shot of Charles Lindsey.

    Charles Lindsey

    Associate Professor of Marketing

    Expertise: consumer behavior, advertising, marketing strategy and research, brand loyalty, serving and package sizes

    Contact: Charles Lindsey can be reached most quickly through Jackie Ghosen in the School of Management Communications Office at 716-645-2833 or

  • Head shot of Teresa Quattrin, University at Buffalo clinical trials and childhood diabetes and obesity expert.

    Teresa Quattrin

    Senior Associate Dean for Research Integration

    Expertise: childhood diabetes; family-based obesity treatment; clinical translational research and trials, with a focus on diversity and inclusion

    Phone: 716-323-0170


  • Head shot of Samina Raja.

    Samina Raja

    Professor of Urban and Regional Planning 

    Expertise: food access, food systems planning, food and urban planning, local government food policy

    Phone: 716-829-5881


  • Jennifer Temple.

    Jennifer L. Temple

    Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, and Community Health and Health Behavior

    Expertise: caffeine use among kids, energy drinks, obesity

    Phone: 716-829-5593


  • Head shot of Panayotis (Peter) K. Thanos, University at Buffalo addiction and reward pathways expert.

    Panayotis (Peter) K. Thanos

    Senior Research Scientist of Pharmacology and Toxicology

    Expertise: ADHD treatment, addiction; brain imaging; alcohol and drug abuse, obesity, binge eating disorder, bariatric surgery, prenatal nicotine use, prenatal cannabis

    Phone: 716-881-7520


  • Head shot of Xiaozhong Wen.

    Xiaozhong Wen

    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

    Expertise: diet and health in infants and young children, origins of obesity, smoking cessation during pregnancy

    Phone: 716-829-6811